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Dark Eternal II: v0.8 Released!

12-24-2016, 11:10 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-24-2016, 11:10 PM by Hakuzen.)
Video  Dark Eternal II: v0.8 Released!

After a lengthy beta process, Dark Eternal II v0.8 is now officially released.

This release includes Chapter IV, which amounts to nearly 10 hours of additional gameplay. Chapter IV is extremely plot-heavy and wraps up many loose ends and answers questions that you have likely had since the end of Dark Eternal I. This chapter took a bit longer to finish due to how vast it is in scope, but I think you will agree it was well worth the wait.

You can download it Here.
01-10-2017, 07:15 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-11-2017, 12:25 AM by Samarat.)
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.8 Released!
Finally was able to get the new version. Looks very good so far. I know that OBT is officially ended, but still I decided to document any found oddities here.

1) First question. Why I no longer able to select where game should be installed?

2) Pandora is quite broken:

[Image: Black_Freeze.png]
If you head there game will freeze with a black screen.

[Image: Kid_Freeze.png]
Trying to interact with this kid from the back freezes the game.

[Image: Class_Freeze.png]
Last class is broken too. First Danis and his friends are not sitting at desks. Second - after Desala says that everything is an illusion and Sakura stands up scene freezes.

And finally it is too easy to activate events out of chain: right from the start Danis can go to his room and activate pre-gradulation party event. Or worse, Danis can visit Nahla's murder scene through back door and skip almost everything.
Also I could not understand what I supposed to do after Danis, Brian and Sakura decide to continue party at Sakura's place. Going forward is impossible, going back meets a protest from Danis and going up and down only reveals secret, but not advances story.

3) In Helix slipstorm a couple of rail-ends contain an error. Zeno derails right on trigger tile, which causes him to immediately head back, from where he came. Thankfully both have roundabout ways.

[Image: Backsend1.png]

[Image: Backsend2.png]

4) Ehrix's upgraded weapon technique has the same description as his old one. And it still contains a typo.
[Image: Same_Description.png]

5) Both Hydro and Drown are essentially same skill with different animation. Hydro hits every enemy even through it said to be a single target skill.

6) Thermonuclear strike also hits everyone despite being descripted as single-target skill.

7) When examining Jasmine Desala says: "She is registering as ...". Should probably be: "She is registered as ..."

8) I like what you did in local valorous encounter (locking treasure chests as punishment for mistakes is very frustrating but not game-overy. nice!), but the Entity was meh. Dark passenger + Blood drinker + good offense-oriented equpment and Zeno slew her enchanced form in just two hits while rest of team did nothing.

9) Ma'at essence is bugged. It adds its essence strike as a zero cost "obliterate everything not resistant to thunder" button. 
[Image: Tenbatsu.png]

While trying to invoke the "real" essence strike shows:
[Image: Ma_at_Essence_Strike.png]

10) Zeno can't open Odel's cache even through he already have more than enough chips.
[Image: Number_Of_Chips.png]

[Image: Zeno_s_Response.png]
Also his response contains a typo.

11) If, after rescuing Brian and defeating Sinesteria, Nahla's party will go through manor's back door and jump down once more, game will try to repeat the scene in dining hall. And freeze because participants are no longer exist.

I currently stopped here. If I encounter something else, I will add it.
01-11-2017, 10:50 AM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.8 Released!
Wow, you found quite a bit of issues there. Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure to get these all fixed when I resume work in a few weeks.

As for the install location, this was my solution to the save issue where the user does not run the game as administrator. The default directory that most people install their games into is the program files folder, but RGSS requires admin rights to create new files there. This creates a problem where some people will play through a good chunk of the game, save, quit.. and then come back to no save file and have to start over again.

The installer instead forces to C:\Zenosoft\Dark Eternal II which does not require admin rights to save and avoids the problem all together.

I will be experimenting with ways to fix this problem and still allow for installation in the Program Files directory, but for now this is the best solution.

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