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DE2 Chapter V Roadmap

01-05-2017, 08:30 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-05-2017, 10:54 PM by Hakuzen.)
Exclamation  DE2 Chapter V Roadmap
Hey guys,
Now that v0.8 has been tested and released, I wanted to give you guys an idea of what is to come in Chapter V (v0.9).

WARNING: There will be spoilers for Chapter IV littered in this thread, read at your own risk.

I will be taking most of January off after a lengthy 15-month development cycle. Active development of Chapter V will begin in February.

Save files from Dark Eternal v0.4, v0.6  and v0.8 will work; allowing you to resume your progress. (Note: v0.4 BETA and earlier save files will still not work)

Chapter V will be about 10 hours total. This will bring the total gameplay of DE2 to around 35 hours.

Major Plot Points:
Chapter V marks the end of the split-story perspective of DE2 that saw the parallel journeys of Nahla and Zenogias. This will make Chapter V much different than the first four chapters of the game, and provide a distinct change of pace in terms of plot momentum and overall gameplay. Chapter V will allow you to establish and build-up your party's HQ, using various items acquired throughout the game to activate various shops, quest-givers, and NPCs. This HQ will facilitate a more open-world gameplay style that allows Zenogias to tackle various side-quests and missions in no specific order. Chapter V will take the storyline of DE2 close to the end, with Chapter VI mainly consisting of the last level and various end-game content. 


The Arcway 
Fields of Desolation
The Dark Tropics
Twilight Peak
Observation Core Epsilon
Obsidian Plains
Temple of the Abyss
Observation Core Theta
The Heiken Seal
The Palisade
The Slums 
The High Castle 
The Animus Forge


The Rise of Pandora - The lost city deep within the Void Realm that reside between the Living Realm and the Dormant Realm. Discover Pandora, and rebuild the lost city as your new headquarters.

Teleportation System - One of the first buildings that you construct in "Pandora" will allow you to instantly travel back to many of the locations you have visited in the past, allowing you to access content you missed; as well as new content that was previously not available.

Party System - You will now be able to customize your battle party, allowing for unique strategies and team composition to tackle the evolving dangers that lurk in Chapter V. 

Valorous Encounters:

The third set of Valorous Encounters will be available in Chapter V, upping the stakes and presenting a challenge even greater than that of the previous four bosses. Not for the faint of heart, and tuned for the absolute best gear available; Prepare to see the Game Over screen.. Alot.

Rewards for the next set of Valorous Encounters will include new level 3 essences as well as other unique items.

Ultimate Weapons:

Chapter V will allow for the creation of Ultimate Weapons for each of your party members, utilizing materials and reagents found in prior chapters. These weapons are incredibly powerful and will be necessary to defeat the final valorous encounter, a secret boss that will be featured in Chapter VI.

Beta testing should begin in December 2017, with a full release by January 2018.

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