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Dark Eternal II: v0.8.1 Released!

01-17-2017, 02:05 AM,
Bug  Dark Eternal II: v0.8.1 Released!
Dark Eternal II - v0.8.1 is now released.


This is a non-content update that has some critical bug fixes as well as a few balance changes. It is highly recommended you update to this version if you have not already started Chapter IV.

v0.8.1 Notes:
-Fixed bug that sometimes prevents progression passed 'The Final Class'.
-Fixed bug that sometimes prevents progression passed 'Seraphim Road'.
-Fixed bug that would allow the player to see certain Pandora sequences out of order, skipping a large part of the story.
-Fixed "Arcade Kid" bug in Pandora.
-Fixed bug that would cause game to freeze when entering an off-path area of Rhapsody Institute.
-Fixed pathing errors in "The Helix" that would rarely lock the player in place and prevent progression.
-Fixed several descriptions for weapon techniques.
-Fixed several typos in game dialogue.
-Fixed bug preventing Odel's cache from being opened.
-Fixed bug that would lead to a crash when trying to re-enter the South Labinnac mansion.
-Fixed several essence techniques that were incorrectly targeting all enemies rather than one.
-Increased difficulty of both of Chapter IV's valorous encounters.

This should be the final update of the v0.8 release, barring discovery of a game-breaking bug.
01-17-2017, 07:02 PM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.8.1 Released!
Oh, you already started bugfixes? Sorry for taking so long with the second half of the chapter. I interpreted your "in several weeks" as "after several weeks".

Anyway, what I managed to find here:

1) Minor graphical glitch in the Labinnac abandoned home beta.
[Image: Minor_Glitch.png]

2) Cocoon behind pool of blood near the building in which Nahla's party was held is unreachable (in case destroying them all does something).

3) Is Sinesteria's essence really called "Monochoatica"? Monochaotica seems more sensible.

4) Description of "Monochoatica"'s essence strike is completely wrong: first - its written as if it only affects one enemy, second - it causes not slumber but a terror.

5) Description of Mitihondria's eye essence strike is hardly meaningful. Mere "void" tells nothing about its effect.

6) "Plague king Pichy" says at start of the battle: "We are the plague and we hunger.". The second part as it is sounds somewhat... off. Maybe it should be: "...and we are hunger." or "...and we hungry." or "...and we hunger for your flesh.". Something like that.

7) Does this teleporter supposed to stay non-operational?
[Image: Question.png]

8) Tile in front of Nahla is impassable and blocks way to the chest.
[Image: Impassable_Tile.png]

9) This chest is unreachable as well.
[Image: Unreachable_Chest.png]

10) This anger emoticon should be over Melodia instead of Jade, because its Melodia who begins to scold Jade about getting distracted at fun things in the middle of such serious mission.
[Image: Emotion_Of_The_Wrong_Person.png]

11) Despite appearing to be "evolving" essence, Amaterasu's essence strike does not powers up proportionally to amount of skills mastered.

12) Trying to use essence strike while being silenced breaks the battle. Both characters and enemies get permanently stuck at the end of turn gauge.

13) A typo in B-Rad's goodbye.
[Image: BRADtypo.png]

14) By the way, why music tracks can no longer be listened outside of game? Did someone complained about them?

15) If Nahla's party has gil to waste, they can buy two or more enchanted flippers and use spare one to enter map of valorous encounter second time. But team will end up trapped because boss no longer exists.

16) This person is blocked out. Both side tiles are impassable.
[Image: Blocked_Person.png]

17) Console in the Seraph's cathedral does not locks itself after its encounter has been triggered. This allows fallen seraph to be re-fought infinitely.

18) This road leads to nowhere. Even if there a hidden door - it does not open.  
[Image: Path_To_Nowhere.png]

19) Arachnia's essence strike also possess non-descriptive description. Even "inflicts a bunch of buffs on party" is a better description than just repeating essence strike's name.

20) I think that space between "a" and "long" shouldn't be here.
[Image: Nahla_Typo.png]

21) Lahana prime minister's house (east hall). Going there causes game to freeze with a black screen.
[Image: Min_Home_Black_Screen_Freeze.png]
01-17-2017, 07:04 PM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.8.1 Released!
Doublepost due to image limits.

22) Lahana prime minister's master bedroom. Way deeper is blocked by those potted plants.
[Image: Bedroom_Wayblock.png]

23) Another typo. I think it should be "Transphasic".
[Image: Another_Typo.png]

24) Tome of Seraph's bane and tome of Astryyan's bane both have wrong description (both claim to inflict another effect).

25) Description of skill "Bless" contains a typo.

26) I think "Nether" and "realm" should be separated.
[Image: Typo_Zeno.png]
01-18-2017, 01:55 AM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.8.1 Released!
Hi Samarat,

I decided to push this patch early due to the gamebreaking nature of some of the bugs you found.

I've looked over your new list from the second half of the chapter and definitely appreciate your work in reporting these to me, thank you!

That being said, at first glance none of the bugs you listed seem to be gamebreaking or prevent regular progression; so I will hold these fixes for the full v0.9 release later this year.

As for the music tracks, that is a precautionary measure that I have decided to implement due to the rising instances of takedown notices from game companies to indie projects that use their resources under "fair use".

You see, "fair use" is very tricky here in the USA and although it does protect games like Dark Eternal (Due to it being free and not a commercial project), the ability for people to take the music and listen to it outside of the game is a legal grey-area.

In the past, I sorta just lived with this risk and hoped for the best; but after talking with other indie devs I decided to go ahead and encrypt the audio as a means of staving off any potential take-down notices and as a legal defense in case I am ever challenged on it.

That being said, if there are any specific songs you are interested in, you are free to PM me and I may or may not be able to point you in the right direction. ;-)

Thanks again Sam!
01-20-2017, 02:23 AM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.8.1 Released!
Oh, also Samarat, can I ask you if all of the FMVs played correctly for you? There should have been three (two of them nearly back-to-back, at the end of the pandora sequence.. the other after the final boss of Lahana)

I've had a few reports of them not playing for some people, but they always worked for me in testing.
01-20-2017, 03:54 AM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.8.1 Released!
If by FMVs you mean those full-scale videos (not just in-game cutscene) then all of them worked perfectly for me.
01-26-2017, 09:14 AM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.8.1 Released!
And one more thing: when controlling Nahla's party, calling worldmap in certain areas results in nomethod error. It was in observation core Omicron and in final dungeon.
[Image: World_Map_No_Method.png]

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