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Dark Eternal II: v0.8.2 Released!

02-01-2017, 11:59 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-01-2017, 12:01 PM by Hakuzen.)
Brick  Dark Eternal II: v0.8.2 Released!
Dark Eternal II - v0.8.2 is now released.


This is a non-content update that has some critical bug fixes as well as a few balance changes. In addition, this update also includes a major overhaul of the Battle System.

v0.8.2 Notes:
-The Battle System has received a major overhaul, increasing performance and overall stability. This upgrade should also resolve several legacy bugs, including the "nomethod" error in certain fights (ex: Kira in the Nethercore)
-The difficulty of battles in Dark Eternal II has been raised across the board for all new games created in v0.8.2 and beyond. Existing save files will notice a slight increase in difficulty, but it will not be as pronounced. Based on feedback, I may re-establish a difficulty select in v0.9.
-Enabled Clear File bonus content for Chapter IV. This content was mistakenly left disabled in previous releases of Chapter IV.
-Fixed major bug that caused a game-stopping error when certain skills were learned via story event. This affected mainly those who were starting new files, or were playing an existing save file early in the game (Chapters 1/2).
-Fixed bug that would allow players to re-challenge an already-cleared Valorous Encounter, but would lead to an eventual dead-end that would stop game progress.
-Fixed bug that would sometimes cause a game-stopping error when attempting to access the world map.
-Fixed bug that would prevent access to a certain side-entrance in Lahana's Highland Estates.
-Fixed several minor bugs in Labinnac.
-Fixed a minor bug that would prevent access to certain chests in Observation Core Omicron.
-Fixed several bugs in the Prime Minister's Manor (Lahana).
-Fixed several typos in both dialogue and spell text.

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