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Chapter V Updates

07-10-2017, 08:44 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-10-2017, 08:53 PM by Hakuzen.)
Rainbow  Chapter V Updates

It's been a crazy 2017 in more ways than one, and now that we're about halfway through I thought I'd offer up a quick status update.

Chapter V development began in early February, and is already about 75% done. I just finished the tile mapping yesterday, and the actual event scripting and gameplay has been developed up to the penultimate level of the chapter. Yes, we're actually ahead of schedule for the first time in DE2 development history.

There are a few reasons for this: [Potential Spoilers below, do not highlight and read text unless you have already finished Chapter IV or don't care about spoilers]

1.) Chapters I - IV were actually two games in one. Developing two parallel storylines with separate environments, characters and arcs was a massive complication at times. Chapter V's development has been effectively streamlined due to having only one story and party to follow.

2.) I decided to push a small portion of the game originally intended for Chp V into Chp VI. Originally, Chapter VI was intended to be like Disc 3 of FFVII: Essentially the last level + endgame content. After fleshing out the Void Realm and designing some unique and interesting new tilesets for Chapter V, I realized I didn't want to gloss over this important part of the journey and instead decided to push three levels at the end of Chp V into the beginning of Chp VI. This allows for Chapter V to feel a bit more girthy, instead of the original design of "a mile wide and an inch deep". Chapter VI will be a bit larger now as a consequence, but will still be shorter than Chapter III, IV or V.

3.) No Technical Problems. This was a major issue with Chapters III and IV, where during development I was also upgrading the game's engine from RGSS1 to RGSS3. A good portion of development time in both those chapters was spent on technical issues with the engine(AKA: Code) as well as new systems like the Party System and FMV System. Because I was able to get the engine basically running perfectly by the end of Chp IV development, Chp V has been smooth sailing with literally zero technical issues.

Those reasons above combined have allowed Chapter V to progress faster than any chapter in the history of DE2 development, and that's including a generous portion of time spent playing Persona 5 and Nioh.

I am now updating my estimated milestone dates as follows:

Beta Testing Begin Date-
Previously: December 2017
New Target: Late September 2017

Full Release Date-
Previously: Early 2018
New Target: Late November 2017

For teaser screenshots and other smaller updates, feel free to check out the FB page @

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