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DE Chapter VI Roadmap

12-19-2017, 09:11 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-19-2017, 09:13 PM by Hakuzen.)
Information  DE Chapter VI Roadmap
Hey guys,

Now that v0.9 has been tested and released, I wanted to give you guys an idea of what is to come in Chapter VI (v1.0). 

WARNING: There will be spoilers for Chapter V littered in this thread, read at your own risk.

I will be taking most of January off after another lengthy development cycle. Active development of Chapter VI will begin in February.

Save files from Dark Eternal v0.4, v0.6, v0.8 and v0.9 will work; allowing you to resume your progress. (Note: v0.4 BETA and earlier save files will still not work)

Chapter VI will be about 12 hours total. This will bring the total gameplay of DE2 to around 47 hours.

Major Plot Points:
Chapter VI will begin exactly where Chapter V left off if you passed the alternate endings and made it to the "To Be Continued" screen. You will not have access to 'The Arcade' and the first chunk of Chapter VI will be pretty unique in terms of gameplay.

Locations(Not Complete - Some Areas excluded due to Spoilers/Secrets): 

Deep Crucible 
The Violet Throne
The Palisades
Sanctum of the Oasis
Outer Heaven
The High Castle
Obsidian Plateau
The Animus Forge
The Star Engine 


Dark Eternal II is feature complete as of v0.9. There may be some improvements to existing systems, but no new game systems are planned as of this time.

Valorous Encounters:

The fourth and final set of Valorous Encounters will be available in Chapter VI, which will be much larger than previous sets. There will be two new normal valorous encounters, bringing the total to 8 unique bosses. 

Once all 8 encounters are defeated, Hard-mode versions will become accessible for each boss. The hard mode encounters will be a little different, as there will be no level to clear and you will start immediately at the boss, but the boss fight itself will be tuned extremely high and be nearly impossible without a full compliment of end-game level gear.

If you are able to defeat all 8 hard-mode encounters, and have unlocked the final level of the game, you will be able to challenge the ultimate valorous encounter. This will be the most difficult fight in the entire game and require the best gear, essences, items and strategy to have a chance to defeat.

Ultimate Weapons:

Chapter V was originally planned to include Ultimate Weapons, but pushing the Dormant Realm to Chapter VI led to the ultimate weapons only being partially implemented. Now, with the release of Chapter VI, you will be able to fully craft these weapons with the help of a special reject you can recruit at The Ruins of Pandora.

Each character will have their own unique ultimate weapon, which have special attributes and deal "Almighty" damage which is unresistable and is a weakness of most enemies in the game.

Although difficult to craft and requiring rare artifacts, these weapons will be essential for defeating the ultimate valorous encounter and will help greatly with hard-mode valorous encounters.

Beta testing should begin in December 2018, with a full release by January 2019.

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